Available Now: Organic Moringa Leaf Powder

Non-GMO Gluten Free Vegan GMP HAACP ISO 9001:2008 Kosher Halal The Moringa Tree contains almost 100 different vitamins, minerals, or other nutrients. Moringa Oleifera has around 7 times the Vitamin C in oranges and 4 times the Vitamin A in carrots. It is one of the most powerful superfoods in the world.

Hemp CBD Now Available!

We are pleased to announce that Nutrient Innovations, Inc. now supplies Specialty Hemp CBD Extract in both Broad Spectrum Powder and Oil.  We also have 1oz Liquid Droppers, Gummies and Capsules available. 100% Organic Grown and Extracted in the USA Consistency: Invariable profile and pure results every time Compliance: Independently tested & 100% traceable Capacity: […]

Top 5 Organic Superfood Ingredients

Raw Organic Camu Camu 12% Vitamin C Organic Moringa Leaf Raw Organic Maca Root Organic Alfalfa Grass Organic Spirulina Superfoods have become increasingly popular for their rich nutritional content. Superfoods contain large doses of antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins, and minerals. Camu Camu from South America is rich in antioxidants and is believed to be beneficial for immunity as well […]

Organic Alfalfa Price Update

Due to market conditions, Organic Alfalfa Powder will increase in price soon.  In fact, some manufacturers are already experiencing this firsthand. Right now, Nutrient Innovations, Inc. is extending promotional pricing for a limited time. Ideal for drink mix powders and encapsulation, our top quality material is available right now in our LA warehouse.

Nutrient Innovations, Inc. Announces Expanded Selection of Organic Powders & Extracts

Organic Greens: Organic Alfalfa Grass Powder Organic Barley Grass Organic Wheat Grass Organic Spirulina South American: 100% Raw Organic Maca Powder 100% Raw Organic Camu Camu with Naturally Occurring Vitamin C Organic Ayurvedic Powders: Organic Amla Fruit Powder Organic Arjuna Powder Organic Ashwagandha Root Powder Organic Bacopa Powder Organic Black Walnut Powder Organic Brahmi Leaf […]